About Us

The Council shall be and act as the official spokesperson and central authority of the Jewish Community of Western Australia and shall foster the unity of the Jewish Community and strive for the fulfilment of its aspirations and encourage the development of its religious, spiritual, cultural and social heritage. Its aims and objects shall be to represent and take action of behalf of the Jewish community in Western Australia on matters of Jewish communal importance.
Meetings of the JCCWA Executive and Council are held regularly.
Council meetings are held quarterly and Executive meetings held monthly.
The AGM is held in August each year.

Executive for 2021
President Geoff Midalia
Immediate Past President Joan Hillman OAM
Vice President David Denver
Vice President Steve Lieblich
Hon Secretary Frances Crewe
Treasurer Warren Kruger
Community Security Group Robin Cohen
Public Relations Stanley Keyser
Interfaith Rabbi David Freilich OAM
Youth Interests Jake Leibowitz
Woman’s Interests Gaby Reubenson
General Committee Leon Schneider

The three organisations below are not our members but contribute to the vibrancy of our community. We work with these three organisations but they are not constituent members of JCCWA.
Chabad Lubavitch
Friends of Israel WA
State Zionist Council of WA

Honour Board
Western Australian Council of Jewish Affairs
1943 Maurice Zeffert
1943-45 Alec Breckler
Western Australian Jewish Advisory Board
1945-52 Alec Breckler
Western Australian Jewish Board of Deputies
1952-55 Alec Breckler
1955-60 Abe Troy
1960-70 Albert Gild
1970-71 Eric Silbert
1971-76 Jack Krasnostein
1976-80 Max Walters
1980-81 Gerald Einfeld
1981 Doron Ur
Council of Western Australian Jewry (Inc.)
1981-84 Doron Ur
1984-86 Tirza Cohen
1986-99 Doron Ur
1999-01 Ron Samuel
Jewish Community Council of Western Australia (Inc.)
2001 Ron Samuel
2001-05 Joe Berinson
2005-09 Keith Shilkin
2009-13 Tony Tate
2013-17 David Denver
2017-Present Joan Hillman